Saturday, February 21, 2015

Having 2 Kids

    The being a mom of 2 kids has been very hard to get used to.  Molly has not been fun at all due to her stomach problems.  We finally switched her to Soy formula and she is doing so much better.  I thought it would be easy.  Gracie was such and easy baby.  Only Problem was she didn't gain weight ever.  Molly on the other hand has been very fussy.  I have now decided that I do not like the newborn faze.  Molly is now 2 months and things are going much better.  That plus the soy.  Molly is now looking at people (all but me) and smiling.  She is also starting to coo.

     It is so cute to see the relationship that Gracie and her have.  Gracie loves her baby sister so much.  Molly always looks at Gracie.  Gracie has helped me feed her and she loves to snuggle her.  She also laughs at her.  She is very helpful with Molly.  Things are going great.

    It is still hard being a single mom pretty much all of the time but Josh helps when he can.  He is not much a baby person ether.  I so wish that he would get up with Molly at night but its ok.  Molly only gets up once or twice now so its not really bad.

  Brest feeding Molly was horrible.  She 36 weeks and 6 days, borderline premature, so she has a really small mouth.  She would latch on and then pull off the whole time feeding.  I was getting frustrated and I was getting blisters from it.  I decided to try for a whole month.  Then it wasn't worth it.  We started with Similac Supplement formula.  That gave her terrible gas and spit ups.  Then we tried Gerber Soothe.  That gave her massive constipation.  Then we tried the Costco brand (the cheapest). That just made her unhappy and never comfortable.  I finally decided to try Soy.  She has been doing great with Soy.  It is really expensive but not having a fussy upset baby is worth it.  Molly still has problems with constipation but we are giving her MaraLax.

   It has been frustrating.  We have been to the Dr. every week since Molly was born.  Crazy.  She also got a cold at 3 weeks and had a hard time. First illnesses are the worst for babies.  

   All in all things are going good.

   Josh is trying to become a case worker at the Prison.  It is a little less pay but get holidays, and weekends off.  Plus it is a day shift and you can pretty much make your schedule.  Great for me but Josh isn't that excited.  He would prefer graves but realizes that I need him at home.

  We will see what happens.

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