Monday, March 9, 2015

Molly's Primary Children's RSV Stay

Wednesday Mach 4 Molly was coughing bad and fussy.  We took her in to the dr.  We had previously been to the dr. on Monday where Gracie was diagnosed with a double ear infection.  Molly was looked at and diagnosed with Crupe.  We were given suggestions on how to help her feel better.   Thursday it tended to get worse and she started to cry with no sound.  She started to eat less and less.  Thursday night she wouldn't eat at all.  We took her in again on Friday.  She hadn't eaten all day and the night before.  Dr. tried to get molly to drink some pedialite but she wouldn't.  Dr. suggested that we take her to the hospital  There was nothing else that Josh and I could do to help her.  Luckily we were able to to go to Riverton Hospital instead of All the way to the Salt Lake City Primary Children's.  Or so we thought.  At Riverton they put an IV in her head and gave her fluids. Next we had a nasal canula for oxygen.  Dr. also said that she was RSV Positive.  I had been trying to get over a cold since Wednesday so Josh agreed to say with her at the hospital that night so that I could go home and try to sleep.  My mom came and got gracie from my sisters house.  At about one in the morning I get a call from Josh.  He told me that they were going to transfer her to The Salt Lake City Primary Children's because Riverton couldn't handle the oxygen Molly needed.  Saturday morning I went to the Primary Children's at Salt Lake.  She was in the PICU.  The same area that Ally died 5 years before.  It was very nerve racking for me to go down the same hallway.  There has been much remodeling done at Primary's but the PICU was exactly the same. Luckily we where on the oposit side of the PICU.  But you can still see the room Ally died in from our room.  Molly had been put on a B PAP.  A machine with more oxygen flow than a C PAP.  Later Saturday she was switched to the C PAP and remained on that throughout the day.  Josh stayed at the hospital with her and I slept over at my parents.  Sunday molly seemed to be more agitated.  Her heart rate would go down and back up for some reason. Dr. were trying to figure out why, but didn't seem very concerned,  Josh and I had discovered the Ronald McDonnell house that was a floor above us.  They have about 5 rooms with double beds for parents to sleep over night.  During the day from 2-5 they let you use those rooms to nap in.  Sunday after lunch we went there and napped.  Thinking that Molly was doing fine we turned off our phones.  After our nap we realized that the hospital had called both of us.  We rushed back to the PICU.  I noticed I had a message on my phone and listened to it on our way to the PICU.  Molly had to be intubated because she was working to hard to breath.  We came to her room and I could hardly look at her.  She looked exactly like Ally did.  I was way freaked out.  I was so sure that this wouldn't be a very long stay but I was very wrong.  Today she seems to be doing better and hopefully will get the tube out of her throat tomorrow.  I didn't want to ever come back to the PICU but I guess we had too.  No news yet on how long we will be here.  It all depend on how Molly does.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

'This valentine's we went to St. George for the weekend.  We had planned on staying with my parents but had to change plans last minute because my sister (who doesn't talk to us) was coming down with my parents.  So we had to stay with Josh's parents.  It was great.  Josh and I had to Valentine's day celebrations.  One the day before and one on Valentine's day.  Josh wanted to take me to a fancy restaurant.  The only reservations he could get where on the night before at 8.  We went to the Painted Pony.  It was amazing.  On Valentine's Day he took me shooting and i got to pick out my first gun.  
So much fun.  

Having 2 Kids

    The being a mom of 2 kids has been very hard to get used to.  Molly has not been fun at all due to her stomach problems.  We finally switched her to Soy formula and she is doing so much better.  I thought it would be easy.  Gracie was such and easy baby.  Only Problem was she didn't gain weight ever.  Molly on the other hand has been very fussy.  I have now decided that I do not like the newborn faze.  Molly is now 2 months and things are going much better.  That plus the soy.  Molly is now looking at people (all but me) and smiling.  She is also starting to coo.

     It is so cute to see the relationship that Gracie and her have.  Gracie loves her baby sister so much.  Molly always looks at Gracie.  Gracie has helped me feed her and she loves to snuggle her.  She also laughs at her.  She is very helpful with Molly.  Things are going great.

    It is still hard being a single mom pretty much all of the time but Josh helps when he can.  He is not much a baby person ether.  I so wish that he would get up with Molly at night but its ok.  Molly only gets up once or twice now so its not really bad.

  Brest feeding Molly was horrible.  She 36 weeks and 6 days, borderline premature, so she has a really small mouth.  She would latch on and then pull off the whole time feeding.  I was getting frustrated and I was getting blisters from it.  I decided to try for a whole month.  Then it wasn't worth it.  We started with Similac Supplement formula.  That gave her terrible gas and spit ups.  Then we tried Gerber Soothe.  That gave her massive constipation.  Then we tried the Costco brand (the cheapest). That just made her unhappy and never comfortable.  I finally decided to try Soy.  She has been doing great with Soy.  It is really expensive but not having a fussy upset baby is worth it.  Molly still has problems with constipation but we are giving her MaraLax.

   It has been frustrating.  We have been to the Dr. every week since Molly was born.  Crazy.  She also got a cold at 3 weeks and had a hard time. First illnesses are the worst for babies.  

   All in all things are going good.

   Josh is trying to become a case worker at the Prison.  It is a little less pay but get holidays, and weekends off.  Plus it is a day shift and you can pretty much make your schedule.  Great for me but Josh isn't that excited.  He would prefer graves but realizes that I need him at home.

  We will see what happens.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Molly Faye Hensley

This pregnancy has been very difficult.  I've been in pain pretty much the whole pregnancy.  Cramping standing and sitting.  The last couple of months the worst.  November contractions so bad ended in the hospital.  Turns out I was just very dehydrated.  October I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes on Halloween.  So very hard for me because I love food and the Holidays.  20 week ultrasound dr. concerned with a lot of fluid around her heart.  EKG confirmed that nothing was wrong.  The second weekend in December pre term labor.  At the hospital for the weekend.  Extremely stressful.  Josh didn't know weather to take time off or go back to work.  Friday I dilated from a 2 - 4 in an hour.  Hospital thought that baby was coming.  Contractions stopped and I was put on observation until Monday night.  In fear of me not making it to the hospital in time to deliver, Dr. decided that I should stay with my Parents who lived 10 min away from the hospital instead of the 45 min drive from my home.  I spent a week there with contractions on and off but not sever enough to go back to the hospital.  I started doing Non Stress Tests 2 times a week.  At the first one on the Tuesday after our hospital stay weekend we were able to talk to our doc.  She said that I could return home.  Not on bed rest but not do anything stressful. I wanted Molly to come so I didn't really take it easy.  We went to the mall and many other places to pick some last things I needed.  Wednesday night I took a bath and went to bed.  For the last couple of months I had no control over my bladder and would most likely not make it to the bathroom in time at night.  I even started wearing depends because of how bad it was.   Thursday morning at about 4 am I started wetting the bed.  This was strange to me because I had not ever wet the bed during this pregnancy.  Even with the bladder problems.  I usually would get up out of bed, start peeing, and could not stop after standing up.  I went to the bathroom to clean up.  I noticed that the fluid was not yellow.  I had know idea what water braking fluid color looked like.  I have never seen the fluid and color it was.  I was always at the hospital lying down on the bed when my water broke.  I thought the water was going to be

dirty looking. I got my phone and looked up what water braking water looks like and smells.  I found out that it is clear and smells like bleach.  I thought it was supposed to be bloody and dark.  After reading this I rechecked.  Fluid was clear and smelled like bleach.  I woke Josh and said that I thought my water broke.  I was still not sure.  I decided to wait but when I started getting painful contractions, I said we need to go in.  We called my sister who lived in the next subdivision over.  We told her my water had broke and asked if she could come and be with Gracie.  She headed right over and told me not to wait for her to get there just go.  Which is what we did.  Traffic was great and we were able to get to the hospital in 25 min instead of 45. Josh dropped me off at Labor and Delivery at 5:00 am.  I had called before to let them know that I was coming.  Nurse had to call someone to check me in.  Super Slow.  We got to a room and I immediately asked for an epidural.  Nurse started to hook me up to the monitor.  I asked her if it was necessary.  Nurse said yes.  I told her that I was in full blown labor.  Nurse called for an assistant.    First nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 6.  Other nurse told me that she was going to give me and IV.  I had been struggling and was in massive amounts of pain and screaming.  I told the nurse that the baby was coming.   Nurse looked under the sheet and she said,"There's a head!"  Time of birth 5:14 am.  Molly Faye Hensley December 18, 2014.  5 pounds 14 ounces 18 inches.  36.6 weeks.  No IV, medication, Dr, Gowns, or Gloves.  I don't know why when I tell people that I have fast labors they think I'm making it up?  Recovery was fast.  Only tore a little.  She was born on Thursday and were there until Saturday afternoon.  We are home.   Problems now are Breast feeding, and baby weigh loss.  Due to being a little premature, little Molly is having a hard time latching on.  Her mouth is not big enough.  Therefore it is painful for me.  I developed a blister on my left breast and it has been very very painful.  Also not sure if Molly is getting enough.  We weighed Molly on Monday and she was 5 lb. 4 oz.  We also weighed her this morning and she lost and ounce.  I now need to supplement feed.  It is hard to do because Molly usually falls asleep after breast feeding on one side and is extremely hard to wake up.  I guess you can only do what you can do.  Supper glad I got an electric pump today.  I am hoping to boost up my milk supply.  Oh and I'm extremely glad I made it to the hospital in time!

My Pre term Labor

At 35 weeks pregnant, second week of December, I started having very painful contractions. That night I had gone to the ward Christmas party.  I had told myself before hand that I was not going to dance. But you know me.  I love to dance and did many of the line dances played.  Bad Idea.  Of corse Josh was at work and it was in the middle of the night.  I called my sister who lives 2 min. away and told her that I needed to got to the hospital.  She came and got me and drove me there.  We called Josh.  I got really nervous because I couldn't get a hold of him.  Id call and be put on hold and disconnected.  Finally I just told the people answering to have him call me asap.  He did and we told him that we were headed to the hospital.  I called my dad and asked him to come over and watch Gracie.  you know the contractions are bad when you can't talk threw them.  My sister dropped me off. We had also called labor and delivery to let them know i was coming.  I got checked in.  I was checked (dilated to a 2) and then checked an hour later (dilated to a 4).  They told me later that was going to have the baby tonight.  I had told Josh not to come until we knew more, but now told him to come.  he got to the hospital 10 min. later.  Speed demon.  I received an IV and contractions started to get worse.  Figuring Miss Molly would be making her grand entrance I asked for an epidermal.  I got one and contractions seemed to calm down.   Because I was only 35 weeks, I was also given a medication to help stop the labor.  Well the labor stopped.  I would have spouts of contractions but not regular and together.  They put me up and in recovery and monitored me for 3 days.  No baby. I was annoyed.  If I was in the hospital there should be a baby. I know that I was early but I had got my hopes up.  Dr. suggested that maybe I should stay at my parents for a week.  They lived 10 min. away instead of me being 45 min away.  I was scheduled for 2 NST(non stress tests) a week.  Of course I wasted to talk to my Dr. but she was out of town during my hospital stay.  I was told that she was going to be in labor and delivery when I came in for my first stress test.  She requested that upstairs call her when I was there for my stress test.  I did the NST and was totally fine.  Contractions but not regular and far apart.  We then talked to the Dr.  She told me that she was surprised that I didn't have the baby yet and was very sure that I would before Christmas.  She told me I could return home.  So I did.  I came home Monday on light duty but not bed rest.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Potty Training Gracie

We were surprised to return from Ireland to a Potty Trained little girl.  Josh's cousin trained her the week we were gone.  We were going to start when we got back.  This summer has been crazy.  We have not had a whole week off with out some event.  Josh's cousin saw that Gracie diapers were dry in the morning and started the training.  Gracie gets constipated very easy.  We tried to get Maralax in everything she drank.  The week we came home Gracie hadn't pooped once.  We gave her a suppository to help and it did.  We had probably two accidence a week.  Pretty good I think.  Then came the 2 accidents a day. Not fun at all.  I was taking it worse then she was.  One Sunday night I started bawling.  I felt like such a failure. I had switched taking my meds from morning to taking them in the evening because of some nausea issues.  This Sunday happened to be the second Sunday since the switch.  I called Josh and told him about it.   The conversation felt a little one sided because he was ether sleeping or at work when the poop accidents happened.  I began to realize that it was crazy that I was acting this way.  On Monday we spoke to my OB and she said to take the nausea medication at night and take my other medication in the morning. I have been doing that and feel much better.  Gracie's last accident was Thursday this week and daddy was home.  He had a little talking to her and told her that if she kept it up we would start taking toys away.  Apparently Josh knows how to tell her things.  She pooped this morning in the potty.  I can't be very excited to not let my self down, but I was way excited.  Every time she poops in the potty I feel like I have trained her and am done.  I don't think that is ever the case.  She will probably regress when her baby sister Molly comes too.  But for now I think she is doing very well. Hope I didn't jinks the whole thing.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gracie Turns 3

Sorry I totally forgot to post about Gracie's 3rd Birthday party.  We had the party the day after her real birthday.  July 19, 2014.  This year for her birthday she wanted to go swimming.  So we rented a conference room for an hour at the Lehi Legacy Center and went swimming after.  It was very fun. Stressful to plan but fun in the end.  We had family and friends come.   Gracie's baby siting family came.  My parents and both sisters came with there families.  We had a friends family come that was in nursery with Gracie and a neighbor friend.  Gracie had a blast.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Baby #4 is?

Monday the 25th of August we went in for the 20 week ultrasound.  Everyone in my whole family but my dad and Josh said that it was a boy.  All were wrong except dad and Josh.  Hensley baby # 4 is a girl.  I really really wanted a boy but like my mom said I guess we only have one recipe too.  Ultrasound showed no CDH but did show abnormal amounts of fluid next to the heart.  Dr. said it most likely is nothing and will go away with time.  But they did want me to schedule a fetal eco.  I called and scheduled one and they are not able to see me until the 8th of October.  Most likely its nothing and we probably won't need a fetal eco.

Josh and I have been fighting forever on a girls name.  This is one of the reasons I wanted a boy.   We both decided that we should name a girl after Josh's Grandmother Mary Anne Carpenter.  Josh however did not like the name Mary Anne or any version of it.  He did like the name Marian and wanted to use that name.  I hated it but he was very sure that was what we would name her.

So Josh came up with a game that most likely would turn out the way he wanted it.  He told me to write 2 of our favorite names.  Mine were Molly and Marin.  Josh picked Marian and Annie.  we put the names in a hat and each drew 2 names.  I drew Molly and Annie, and Josh drew Molly and Marin.
he wasn't every happy with the outcome so he asked if we could draw again. I just laughed and said sure.  I knew that he didn't like the outcome.  We each drew again and came out with Molly again.  Josh didn't mind the name but it wasn't his favorite.  We decided to go with it because we had picked it 3 times out of a hat.

So Hensley baby #4 girl will be named Molly Faye Hensley.

I love the name.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Trip to Dublin, Ireland (first UK Cherubs Conference) and celebration of my birthday

August 8 -10 my parents invited Josh, Gracie, and I to St. George.  It was a big deal because we had been band from the house.  We left on the 8th as soon as Josh got off work in the morning.  We had packed for Ireland.  Our flights were from the Las Vegas Airport.  Thursday night my mom got us tickets to The Little Mermaid at Toucan.  I loved it.  It was so much fun.  Lots of swimming and fun.

Saturday we booked a shuttle to take us to the Last Vegas Airport. Our flight was at 10 am. We flew to Philadelphia and then to Dublin.  Our flight to Philadelphia was good all but the Paramedics having to help a passenger before we could exit.  The flight to Dublin was not. It was an overnight flight and the people in back of us wouldn't let us put our seats back.  Not a very fun 6 hour flight.

Sunday we got a bus to take us to the hotel.  Our hotel was gorgeous.  Looked like an old caste.  We hug out Sunday with the US people that had arrived the day before.

Monday we walked around Dublin. I loved it.  We went to and around lots of churches, saw many old mediaeval sights.  We took a hop on and hop off bus and learned all sorts about  Dublin Ireland.  We ate and our first pub. . Just a day in the city.  Monday night we had the pizza party.  Everything in Ireland is so much better that the US.  Drinks and food.  We met tons of old friends from other CDH conferences and lots and lots of people from Ireland and the UK.  We ate pizza and told our stories of CDH.

Tuesday was awareness day.  Dawn the President talked about ways to bring awareness to our Cherubs charity.  We talked about fundraising and helping with costs of things.  We are the Largest CDH charity in the world. I think some of the Irish people were a little taken back.   Our Hop on Hop Off bus ticket was good for two days so back to Dublin.  We didn't go on the bus just walked for ever to see the sites.

Wednesday was research day. We had two researchers from the Dreams CDH study and the MAS General Hospital CDH study. Doctor Kays came and told about his CDH clinic in Florida.  He the best survival rate of CDH babies in the world.  He told all about it techniques and ways to help babies with CDH survive.  The UK people were amazed.  They had no idea that there were so many treatment options for there children. They had no idea about ECMO and lots of other things.  There were tons and tons of Questions for Doctor Kays.  After  the meeting Josh, Brandon, Tara. Dr. Kays, his wife, Dawn and Laura went to the Gunnies Beer Factory.  One of the beers only made in Ireland.

Thursday was round table.  One table for non survivor Cherubs and one for survivor Cherubs.  After Josh Tara and I went to the book of Kels.  A book from 800 AD that is in color.  After we went the the Jameson Whisky Factory.  Josh had a sip of a whisky cocktail. This tour was much better that the Gunnies Factory.  Much more historical.  Thursday night was the Disco dance.  So much fun.  Our last day to see everyone.  Josh danced with a Cherub named Charley. She is 4 and loss the use of her legs with a surgery.  She loved Josh and wanted to talk to him the whole conference.  After the dance Josh got emotional and he and I went outside for some air.  We were both sad that we were not able to dance with our Cherubs.

Friday was our tour bus to Giants Cozway.  I didn't have time to eat breakfast because we left to early.  The first stop was a bathroom stop at a gas station. I got something to eat in the bus.  I ate my breakfast and threw it right back up.  I was nauseous the whole bus ride.  We stopped for lunch I took about 5 bites and promptly threw it up again.  All I could drink was water.  One of the stops was the rope bridge.  I thought I could make it.  The path was down a stone maid stair case.  I did cross the bridge but had a really hard time walking back up the stone steps.  I made it finally.  last stop was Giants Cozway.  This was much better because I could take the bus down and back.  It was so beautiful.  I didn't really walk around I just sat and admired the scenery.  Back on the bus to home.  I was finally able to keep a salad down with a ginger ail.

Saturday we had another bus tour for Cliffs of Moar.  I told Josh I couldn't do another day like Giants Cozway again. I was going to just send him by himself.  He asked me if I would be ok with out him.  I told him that I would really like him to stay with me.  He asked me if I knew the name of our hotel. I didn't know.  He then said that he would stay with me.  We had a lovely time shopping the whole day.  We had to go to O'Connals for there Shepard's pie.  Josh wasn't leaving until he had some.  I had some very good food but felt nauseous the whole time and almost threw up.

Sunday was flights home.  Made sure that I had barf bags on each plane ride,  It was much longer getting home than getting there.  We flew from Dublin to North Carolina and for North Carolina to Las Vegas. The flight from Dublin was a night mare.  We had an Irish family play musical chairs the whole flight.
Las Vegas and shuttle and shuttle to my in laws.  We stayed monday and left Tuesday for home.

So Much Fun!