Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Molly Faye Hensley

This pregnancy has been very difficult.  I've been in pain pretty much the whole pregnancy.  Cramping standing and sitting.  The last couple of months the worst.  November contractions so bad ended in the hospital.  Turns out I was just very dehydrated.  October I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes on Halloween.  So very hard for me because I love food and the Holidays.  20 week ultrasound dr. concerned with a lot of fluid around her heart.  EKG confirmed that nothing was wrong.  The second weekend in December pre term labor.  At the hospital for the weekend.  Extremely stressful.  Josh didn't know weather to take time off or go back to work.  Friday I dilated from a 2 - 4 in an hour.  Hospital thought that baby was coming.  Contractions stopped and I was put on observation until Monday night.  In fear of me not making it to the hospital in time to deliver, Dr. decided that I should stay with my Parents who lived 10 min away from the hospital instead of the 45 min drive from my home.  I spent a week there with contractions on and off but not sever enough to go back to the hospital.  I started doing Non Stress Tests 2 times a week.  At the first one on the Tuesday after our hospital stay weekend we were able to talk to our doc.  She said that I could return home.  Not on bed rest but not do anything stressful. I wanted Molly to come so I didn't really take it easy.  We went to the mall and many other places to pick some last things I needed.  Wednesday night I took a bath and went to bed.  For the last couple of months I had no control over my bladder and would most likely not make it to the bathroom in time at night.  I even started wearing depends because of how bad it was.   Thursday morning at about 4 am I started wetting the bed.  This was strange to me because I had not ever wet the bed during this pregnancy.  Even with the bladder problems.  I usually would get up out of bed, start peeing, and could not stop after standing up.  I went to the bathroom to clean up.  I noticed that the fluid was not yellow.  I had know idea what water braking fluid color looked like.  I have never seen the fluid and color it was.  I was always at the hospital lying down on the bed when my water broke.  I thought the water was going to be

dirty looking. I got my phone and looked up what water braking water looks like and smells.  I found out that it is clear and smells like bleach.  I thought it was supposed to be bloody and dark.  After reading this I rechecked.  Fluid was clear and smelled like bleach.  I woke Josh and said that I thought my water broke.  I was still not sure.  I decided to wait but when I started getting painful contractions, I said we need to go in.  We called my sister who lived in the next subdivision over.  We told her my water had broke and asked if she could come and be with Gracie.  She headed right over and told me not to wait for her to get there just go.  Which is what we did.  Traffic was great and we were able to get to the hospital in 25 min instead of 45. Josh dropped me off at Labor and Delivery at 5:00 am.  I had called before to let them know that I was coming.  Nurse had to call someone to check me in.  Super Slow.  We got to a room and I immediately asked for an epidural.  Nurse started to hook me up to the monitor.  I asked her if it was necessary.  Nurse said yes.  I told her that I was in full blown labor.  Nurse called for an assistant.    First nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 6.  Other nurse told me that she was going to give me and IV.  I had been struggling and was in massive amounts of pain and screaming.  I told the nurse that the baby was coming.   Nurse looked under the sheet and she said,"There's a head!"  Time of birth 5:14 am.  Molly Faye Hensley December 18, 2014.  5 pounds 14 ounces 18 inches.  36.6 weeks.  No IV, medication, Dr, Gowns, or Gloves.  I don't know why when I tell people that I have fast labors they think I'm making it up?  Recovery was fast.  Only tore a little.  She was born on Thursday and were there until Saturday afternoon.  We are home.   Problems now are Breast feeding, and baby weigh loss.  Due to being a little premature, little Molly is having a hard time latching on.  Her mouth is not big enough.  Therefore it is painful for me.  I developed a blister on my left breast and it has been very very painful.  Also not sure if Molly is getting enough.  We weighed Molly on Monday and she was 5 lb. 4 oz.  We also weighed her this morning and she lost and ounce.  I now need to supplement feed.  It is hard to do because Molly usually falls asleep after breast feeding on one side and is extremely hard to wake up.  I guess you can only do what you can do.  Supper glad I got an electric pump today.  I am hoping to boost up my milk supply.  Oh and I'm extremely glad I made it to the hospital in time!

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