Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Pre term Labor

At 35 weeks pregnant, second week of December, I started having very painful contractions. That night I had gone to the ward Christmas party.  I had told myself before hand that I was not going to dance. But you know me.  I love to dance and did many of the line dances played.  Bad Idea.  Of corse Josh was at work and it was in the middle of the night.  I called my sister who lives 2 min. away and told her that I needed to got to the hospital.  She came and got me and drove me there.  We called Josh.  I got really nervous because I couldn't get a hold of him.  Id call and be put on hold and disconnected.  Finally I just told the people answering to have him call me asap.  He did and we told him that we were headed to the hospital.  I called my dad and asked him to come over and watch Gracie.  you know the contractions are bad when you can't talk threw them.  My sister dropped me off. We had also called labor and delivery to let them know i was coming.  I got checked in.  I was checked (dilated to a 2) and then checked an hour later (dilated to a 4).  They told me later that was going to have the baby tonight.  I had told Josh not to come until we knew more, but now told him to come.  he got to the hospital 10 min. later.  Speed demon.  I received an IV and contractions started to get worse.  Figuring Miss Molly would be making her grand entrance I asked for an epidermal.  I got one and contractions seemed to calm down.   Because I was only 35 weeks, I was also given a medication to help stop the labor.  Well the labor stopped.  I would have spouts of contractions but not regular and together.  They put me up and in recovery and monitored me for 3 days.  No baby. I was annoyed.  If I was in the hospital there should be a baby. I know that I was early but I had got my hopes up.  Dr. suggested that maybe I should stay at my parents for a week.  They lived 10 min. away instead of me being 45 min away.  I was scheduled for 2 NST(non stress tests) a week.  Of course I wasted to talk to my Dr. but she was out of town during my hospital stay.  I was told that she was going to be in labor and delivery when I came in for my first stress test.  She requested that upstairs call her when I was there for my stress test.  I did the NST and was totally fine.  Contractions but not regular and far apart.  We then talked to the Dr.  She told me that she was surprised that I didn't have the baby yet and was very sure that I would before Christmas.  She told me I could return home.  So I did.  I came home Monday on light duty but not bed rest.

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